Container Unpacking


3rd Party Containers Pty Ltd is a specialist container packing & unpacking company with offices across Australia and New Zealand.

3PC was founded in 2009 to service a market expecting professionalism, productivity, innovation and competitive prices. Since inception, 3rd Party Containers has grown from strength to strength and is now one of the largest container labour service providers within Australia and NZ. As a group we employ in excess of 300 specialised container unloading team members and supply a service to some of the worlds leading retailers & logistics companies.

Wherever we operate, the 3PC team shares our corporate values and strives to provide customer service excellence.


  • Smarter Safety Systems
  • Customer Service
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Delivering on Promises
  • Honesty & Transparency


Generally speaking, we provide a fixed price to pack & unpack shipping containers. However it is our flexibility and innovation that has attributed to our success.
This innovation has lead to the following services:
Container Labour Staff
3rd Party Containers core service offering is the end to end management of the entire container pack and/or unpack process.

In this instance, our customers will simply provide a regular container schedule and 3rd Party Containers will do the rest. This may include the implementation of a site manager, housekeeping policy, safety management system and a quality assurance process.

Teamwork Container Labour
We understand that not all businesses require an end to end service. Therefore our service extends to the ad-hoc supply of container crews. This can be as simple as a two man team working as an extension of your business, or an unpack crew guided by our internal management.
Reworks and Value Added Services
In addition to container loading and unloading,
3rd Party Containers has a specialised reworks team.
Our reworks team can provide the following services:
– Repacking
– Labeling
– Kitting
– Pre-Retail Product Amendments
– Seasonal/Promotional Picks
– Product Assembly
Most of which are charged out on an incentivised
per-unit rate.
Trans Tasman Logistics Australia New Zealand
With crews located in Australia and New Zealand, 3rd Party Containers can offer assistance in container utilisation, direct to store containerisation and Trans Tasman cross-docking. These services can be charged out in one bundled rate or split and invoiced to multiple cost centres.
Through our customer network we have the ability to offer overflow facilities to receive, unpack, store & despatch all of our customers overflow.
Truck Loading and Unloading
By forklift or hand, 3rd Party Containers provides a specialised fixed cost service to load and unload trucks and trailers.