Pallet Wrapping


At 3rd Party Containers, we are not just an unpack crew. We strive for the highest standards of service. We are an absolute industry leader in safe work practises and safety standards. When engaging 3rd Party Containers, customers have access to and can expect the following service standards:

Pallet Wrapping

& Pallet Presentation Policy
All staff are trained and accountable for the quality of pallets wrapped and stock presented.


& Site Organisation Policy
When providing an end-to-end service, 3PC will implement and sustain our 5S housekeeping policy.

Safety Managment

An End-to End System
We have a formalised internal safety management system, designed to ensure all staff have access and are accountable to our safety policies and procedures.

Quality Assurance

Self Auditing Policy
Driven by senior management, we have an internal self auditing process to ensure consistency of service delivery and individual site accountability.

Online Platform

Paperless Data Reporting
3PC has an innovative IT system allowing us to record and retain all data produced from site. This platform also allows all customers real time 24 hour access to invoicing and reporting.


Based on Site Performance
3PC uses a series of key performance indicators to deliver site efficiencies, continuous improvement and safety practices.

Staff Training

Nationally Recognised Certificates
We offer the opportunities to, and reward team members with nationally recognised certificates III & IV in warehousing and logistics, competitive systems, first aid & OH&S.

Company Uniforms

Professional Team
It is company policy that all staff on site must be in company branded uniform!